Episode 140: Wrath of Magnus


The second half of War Zone: Fenris is finally in our hands, and that means it’s time to see the Thousand Sons bring their vengeance to the home of the Space Wolves. We keep it spoiler-free, but there’s definitely some long-lasting repercussions for the 40K storyline. Even more importantly, though, what changes are we seeing to the Thousand Sons on the table? Are they finally priced reasonably? Are the new wargear options worth it? What about Terminators, Sorcerers, and Ahriman? And the 650-point gorilla in the room, Magnus the Red? Should you take nine of everything? And why are the new Daemon rules giving our crew a splitting headache? All this, as well as listener questions, a list review, and a Midwest Conquest update, in this episode of Preferred Enemies!

00:00:00 – Cold Open
00:00:45 – Intro
00:01:08 – News and Releases
00:18:10 – Listener Questions
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01:31:09 – Main Topic: Wrath of Magnus Review
02:34:50 – Hobby Progress
02:36:07 – Outro

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