Episode 131: So You Want to Start an Army – Chaos Space Marines


This week, we move away from the craftworlds and dive back into the Eye of Terror as our So You Want to Start an Army series continues with Chaos Space Marines. With 10,000 years of seething hatred for the Imperium, these fallen Space Marines are the most immediate antagonists in the 40K storyline – but how do they stack up on the tabletop? How well have they weathered the design changes between the beginning of Sixth Edition and now? And is there any reason to take any marks other than Nurgle’s? We talk about all this and more in this episode. Also, a look at the Tau and Ork FAQs, your listener questions, and Rob’s latest challenge to the listeners – pick the color scheme for his Sisters!

00:00:00 – Cold Open
00:00:46 – Intro
00:01:36 – News and Releases
00:42:10 – Listener Questions
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01:50:45 – Main Topic: So You Want to Start an Army – Chaos Space Marines
02:40:19 – Hobby Progress
02:49:02 – Outro

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