Episode 130: So You Want to Start an Army – Eldar


We’ve taken our look at the Dark Eldar, so in this episode it’s time to continue the So You Want to Start an Army series with the look at their lighter kin, the Craftworld Eldar! What makes this army so feared and reviled on the tabletop? What are the all-stars of the army? Is there a way to build an decent Eldar army that doesn’t feel like you’re breaking the game? And at only 5 models, how can the Start Collecting box be a good deal? We answer these questions and more as we dive into our second pointy-eared codex. Also, we talk Eldar FAQs, new releases, hobby progress, and your rules questions!

00:00:00 – Cold Open
00:00:50 – Intro
00:01:14 – News and Releases
00:23:50 – Listener Questions
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01:44:39 – Main Topic: So You Want to Start an Army – Eldar
02:46:07 – Hobby Progress
02:51:15 – Outro

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Sponsor: GameMat.eu

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