Episode 111: Robot Suits and the Renegade Open


We’ve got a little bit of everything this episode! First, we talk about the new releases coming down the pipe, including the leaked Tau fortifications and the delays in getting Supremacy Suits. Then, we answer more rules questions, as well as a question on how we approach the game and environment. Next, we interview David and Max from the Renegade Open about their upcoming event and what they’re doing to set it apart and create a very strategically-balanced environment. Finally, we dig into the Stormsurge, Ghostkeel, and Breacher Squad rules that have been released and discuss what we do and don’t like about them, and how we’d tried to use them!

Link: Renegade Open GT – Website / Facebook
Link: Midwest Conquest GT – Website / Facebook / Twitter
Sponsor: KR Multicase