Episode 67: The Year in Review


The year has come to an end, and so it’s time to look back at the Warhammer 40K hobby in 2013. It’s been a long, crazy road that only got faster and crazier as the year reached its conclusion. Rapid release schedules, shifting power levels, codex supplements, digital releases, Lords of War – it’s been a wild ride. So, what do the Preferred Enemies crew think was the high and low points of the year? What were the missed opportunities? And what are our hopes and plans for 2014? Listen to Episode 67 to find out!

Thanks to everyone for listening to us this year; we’ll see you again in two weeks to ring in 2014 with some Tyranid goodness!

Theme: Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle-001/II ‘No Need to Reload’ by RoeTaKa, courtesy of OCRemix.org