Episode 49: Rants, Relics, and Robots


This week’s episode sees us discussing a diverse trio of subjects. First, we discuss GW’s new North American trade policies, the MiniWarGaming.com closing announcement, and what we think this does (and doesn’t) mean for the 40K gaming community. Next, we talk about our experiences with Relic, the new 40K version of Talisman recently released by Fantasy Flight Games. Does this board game do the 40K setting justice… and do we have the time to play it? Last, but certainly not least, we discuss the now-official upcoming Tau release. It’s been almost seven years since a new Tau book or had any new (non-Forge World) battlesuit designs. We discuss what we think about the new kits and what they hint for the new directions for the Tau Empire. All this, plus some mysterious musings about what’s coming for episode #50!

Music: “Frets of Fury“, remixed by vertexguy. Music courtesy of Overclocked Remix